Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mystery Girl.Read me.

I've been thinking to myself
What was it that I was trying to prove
Maybe I've put my hopes too high
For this one card I've yet to choose

Now I feel as though I'm hit
By my own reflection and wit
Far down the valley I tilt
Can't stop can't turn this shit

It wasn't to show people what I can do
It wasn't to prove what I thought was true
This was all a big fucking cruise
One I put up to hide my ludes

I have been dreaming all this while
Of castles and how men can fly
I still can't wake up however nigh
The end is no matter why

I've met someone who can read me
Every word of my dictionary
However short our time at midvalley
You were an angel God sent to me

Mystery girl. Read me.

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