Tuesday, March 30, 2010

60kg is not enough

Ok so far, the weight is staying between 61kg to 62kg alternating between the 2lbs...its safe to say that its solid at 132lbs..from 140lbs?! i lost 8lbs?! fuck

Ugh, lost my hard earn weight, just cuz i stopped working out...

Damn, i'm gonna start increasing my weight again, 2lbs a day. next stop, Next Monday---140pounds at least...i hope this works...

now back to stuffing more food inside me, force feed!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mystery Girl Episode 2

Thank you for the book, it was very enlightening, funny and sad at the same time.

Chris reminded me a lot about you. Coming to a strange place. Forced to be someone he's not.
But I hope you too manage to find your way like Chris. I know you have to do what you got to do.

Look at the cover. You are hanging. Waiting for something to change your luck. Well, the clock's ticking but you ain't getting nowhere. Just hold on to it, because you will find your way.

But after all I've said, it doesn't mean that I'm doing fine here thinking about you.

Here's my feelings.

There must've been a reason for our meeting.
What on earth were you thinking about dragging me into this?
Now I can't stop thinking about you. I stopped going there.
The time stopped. Everything stopped.
And I'm stuck waiting for something.
Waiting for you to help me get a closure.
Waiting for me to help you out of this jam.
Waiting for us to end this chapter.
You put me in this loop. Yes I'm pathetic.
But is it a sin for me to dream?
You needed a reason, I'm giving you one.
Stop running, I can help you.
Please, it worries me that you're running around KL with nowhere to go.
Where are you staying? Do you have money to eat?
Are you getting proper baths? Are you safe each night you're sleeping?
Yes, I'm obsessed.
You can't just jump in people's life and drop this and run away.
You've been running too long, stop now, you can start a new life.
Did you remember what we talked about?
About bleeding tears? About doubts and fears?
About paths cross with each other?
Now our paths lay entwined. We can't ignore that.
Wherever you are, please be safe.
You gave me little to care, but it's all I've been caring about.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mystery Girl.Read me.

I've been thinking to myself
What was it that I was trying to prove
Maybe I've put my hopes too high
For this one card I've yet to choose

Now I feel as though I'm hit
By my own reflection and wit
Far down the valley I tilt
Can't stop can't turn this shit

It wasn't to show people what I can do
It wasn't to prove what I thought was true
This was all a big fucking cruise
One I put up to hide my ludes

I have been dreaming all this while
Of castles and how men can fly
I still can't wake up however nigh
The end is no matter why

I've met someone who can read me
Every word of my dictionary
However short our time at midvalley
You were an angel God sent to me

Mystery girl. Read me.

ape benda yang lubang kecik bole kluar lubang besar tk boleh kluar. haaa.

taik.sebab dia bulih kuar lubang bontot yg kecik tp xleh kuar lubang jamban y besar tp dia msuk lubang jamban..ahaha xtau. apa jawpan dia

Dig out my innermost secrets, I dare you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

pernah minum beer la ni? sedap tak? kalau aku nak try ko galakkan ke?

x sedap pun beer tu, buat mabuk je, da high nanti baru la rasa sedap, pastuh da goyang2 otak da x btol baru la seronok bergumbira...

aku melarang sama skali anda minum beer, baek amek pil khayal je, lg cepat high, x pun isap weed, lg layan..

Ask me anything

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ask me anything!!!!

So, ask me anything!!!! There's a widget at the bottom of the page for u to ask me any questions u want!!

or u cud visit http://www.formspring.me/zeckareth ....well, ultimately u have to visit the page to check how i answered ur question(s)....

so please do check it out and be creative with the questions, i 'll try to answer as good as i can too...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am very productive.

Fore i get to ma point, lemme thank FAFA n PIDAH for ur wonderful gift
ur frog so cute i sleep with it everynite...

And thanks POK and SHAH for the ORLANDO t-SHIRT, da busuk da baju tu aku buat jogging..

Now back to what i really want to say.....

Yeah, i really am. Well, at least i'm trying to be productive.

So i thought i'd keep myself busy, lyk WORKIN OUT, and some READING, killing time with ma iPOD touch, and of corz SLEEPING laaa (well not very productive la if sleep all day, well i dont btw)

First off, bought some equipment to help me work out at home. well msia panas oh, malas mau kuar p gym, from umah ckop r

And here's a book I'm reading. Honestly, i'm too lazy too bother myself with a tiresome search for a good book, so i'm rereading this one, for the 3rd time i think...

not that i dont have other better books to read, but i started reading a few pages of it, so i had to continue, its like a curse u know, i cant explain it

I think i can't live without this, my iPOD touch, well, not a big fan of apple anyways, and the battery life is so so so so weak, i wish it can stay longer, u know, in stead of just 3 hours of gameplay, i have to recharge every 3 hours or so just so that i can continue playing...and the charging takes an hour or so, which is perfect i guess so i can chill a bit...

i have so so so many good games, and i still haven't completed any of it, rite now i'm playing final fantasy I, i think i'm only lyk 20% through the game, i guess its a good sign, rite? i mean, i'll have lots and lots to do still..

Aside from that, well i have the occasional hangout with frens here and there, visiting my relatives. making a few rounds by the lake(yeah jogging)...

and watching tv/movie/listening to music most of the other time...oh and also spending time stalking people on facebook..

yeah i'm loving it