Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am very productive.

Fore i get to ma point, lemme thank FAFA n PIDAH for ur wonderful gift
ur frog so cute i sleep with it everynite...

And thanks POK and SHAH for the ORLANDO t-SHIRT, da busuk da baju tu aku buat jogging..

Now back to what i really want to say.....

Yeah, i really am. Well, at least i'm trying to be productive.

So i thought i'd keep myself busy, lyk WORKIN OUT, and some READING, killing time with ma iPOD touch, and of corz SLEEPING laaa (well not very productive la if sleep all day, well i dont btw)

First off, bought some equipment to help me work out at home. well msia panas oh, malas mau kuar p gym, from umah ckop r

And here's a book I'm reading. Honestly, i'm too lazy too bother myself with a tiresome search for a good book, so i'm rereading this one, for the 3rd time i think...

not that i dont have other better books to read, but i started reading a few pages of it, so i had to continue, its like a curse u know, i cant explain it

I think i can't live without this, my iPOD touch, well, not a big fan of apple anyways, and the battery life is so so so so weak, i wish it can stay longer, u know, in stead of just 3 hours of gameplay, i have to recharge every 3 hours or so just so that i can continue playing...and the charging takes an hour or so, which is perfect i guess so i can chill a bit...

i have so so so many good games, and i still haven't completed any of it, rite now i'm playing final fantasy I, i think i'm only lyk 20% through the game, i guess its a good sign, rite? i mean, i'll have lots and lots to do still..

Aside from that, well i have the occasional hangout with frens here and there, visiting my relatives. making a few rounds by the lake(yeah jogging)...

and watching tv/movie/listening to music most of the other time...oh and also spending time stalking people on facebook..

yeah i'm loving it


  1. sguh produktif..ku bgga sama kamu..
    anyway frog tu hadiah bday ke?
    bday aku ko taknak bg hadiah ke? haha

  2. haha..frog tu adiah perpisahan la, aku xtau nak bg apa bday ko, kita hang out la, itu adiah jugak kan? ak blanja ke apa ke, mau?

  3. bila kau balik malaysia aku pon balik malaysia, kita hang out ok! haha
    aku mau ko blnje mkn je..hahaha

  4. haha, boleh je..aku kat msia je ni