Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dating 101: The Race For Girlfriends

So do you need one? Or do you want one?

Well, probably, you aren't even able to choose which one is the right reason for your desire to have a girlfriend, and whether your ramming the boat or just flying the kite, so lets just dig it deeper, shall we?

Sometimes, guys get into relationships for the wrong reasons. I guess you could say that this is all part of growing up and experiencing the flaws of life through your own eyes. But hey, I just want to share a bit of food for thoughts.

Fact is, my self confidence and self- esteem is so high that I don't need a partner to create happiness. Let me tell you this, my life is a chocolate bar and if any fine ladies that so chooses to join me, they would be the cookie crumbs or hazel nut that add taste to my already finger licking good bar.

What I'm trying to say here is that, we guys should never feel the 'need' to have a girlfriend, we should 'choose' to have a girlfriend. In my case, its pretty clear that I do not need one, and that I will gladly accept any Mary or Jane that so happened to fit me like a glove when the time comes.

But lets analyze the situation per say I need one. Well then, the most obvious question here is to ask why do I need one? Do I need someone to love me so that I can be happy? Or do I need one so that I won't be far off where my friends are, since all of them have girlfriends?

Let say you need one because you want to feel happy, feel pampered. There's a clear indication here that this will not be reciprocal, because you are desperate to be loved. But not if you yourself are already happy, this feeling will then be mutual, because you want to love somebody, and in return, you will receive the love back.

And let say if it is purely peer pressure. But then again, do we need to get into this? Haven't we had enough of this peer pressure talk back in high school?

To make it a lot more convincing, girls can detect the smell of desperation. From the way you talk, to the way you place your hands on her. Watch predator much? Yeah, now you are one. So it is no surprise that girls will run from you(if you're trying to get one) and dump you(if you are already in a relationship and the smell finally become apparent).

Am I not making this clear enough? You don't need a girlfriend to feel happy, you just need yourself to be happy with what you are doing and what you have. Only then can you truly feel the sweetness of relationships because it does not center around what you need, but instead on what each of you has to offer for the relationship to grow.

So do we really truly need the existence of a female companion to feel happy? Yes, but as red wine to complement steak, not as cement to fill the hole you made when you passed out last night drinking yourself to oblivion.


  1. aah. apsal r ramai sgt despo skang niehh

  2. i dont know..what makes it more bizarre is that its not for one nite stand either..and if its an actual race, i can make money out of it