Wednesday, February 3, 2010

killing happy

so uhhh, here's something i wrote, i dont know why but late nites always give me the inspirations to write these corny comment

my apple of the eye falls from the sky
how graceful it can fly
tried to reach it twas too high

made a pact a trade forsaken
for my soul asked the demon
i flew away like a raven

twas near but couldnt grasp her
so pretty smells like flower
she kept flying further and further

a hint a glimpse a pinch of hope
let me cast this tangled rope
let me catch you my kindled trope

i'm a sinking stone the water's ice cold
struck bottom i'm getting old
this clay you can no longer mold

my angel you watched me die
now watch me blind your eyes
now cry,cry! so i can smile

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